Benefits of Link Building through Questions and answers

All SEO link builders are looking for the best traffic building methods. A powerful, but untapped link building method is the answer marketing technique. Once you have used the answer marketing technique in the right way you will get quality inbound links and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Why answer marketing creates stronger quality inbound link?

When you post the answers in Yahoo or Google questions, you can create a link back to your website using the targeted keyword. Since the answer key Google certified educator level 2 and question topic is relevant to your website, you will receive a quality inbound link. You can see that Q&A marketing is a very strong marketing tool. If you haven’t been using Q&A marketing then you are missing a lot of traffic. Answer marketing strategy is not used by many SEO link building experts, since it requires knowledge about the subject and it’s very time-consuming. How can search engine Questions and answers deliver more targeted traffic and revenue as compared to the basic SEO link building?

Attract targeted audience using Yahoo Questions and Answers

Find the related questions to your website topic and provide a very good answer with a link back to your website. Now this practice will definitely sound simple to you, but don’t spam your audience by putting irrelevant links. Yahoo administrators will consider your answer as spam and remove all your answers, including your account. By giving the correct answers to the questions, your audience will see you as an expert and soon you will build trust with them. The link that you provided should tease your questioner or readers to click for more information. Since the audience has a burning question and very interested in your solution, you are now able to send these reader to your website and turning them into your customers.

As you can see answer marketing is more than just SEO link building.

High Google rankings in Yahoo Questions and Answers

You must have seen the Yahoo and Google answers pages shown on the first page of Google results. Google gives a high ranking for the Yahoo Q&A pages. So, by providing your link to Q&A forums, you can drive the Google users to your website. Now you can catch two different audience:

1. Yahoo Q&A readers looking for answers
2. Google users searching for answers

By having link in the correct questions, you can now drive more targeted traffic to your website. All these online users are hungry for the solution.

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